The Horses


grace highlinersera showHis age, experience and expertise in the show ring make him a gem to have in the barn. Highliner is owned by Sandcastle Farms and has been leased for RBF clients since 2011. Sera, now in college, had a very successful 3 foot junior career on him with numerous championships. Currently, Grace is thrilled to be partnered up with him. Last year was her first year showing. She had much success, including reserve champion at AA rated Skidmore Classic and a big win at Cooperstown. Grace looks forward to moving up to the two foot division for show year 2014.  Update: Grace is having an awesome show season, lots of great mileage this year so far! Reserve Champion 4 out of her 5 shows to date, most importantly, she has been riding great.  Highliner may be available for a lease within the barn if Grace moves up to a 2.6/3 foot horse next show season!


claudia shamrockShamrock is owned by Claudia. Claudia has been partnered up for several years now with Shamrock and they are a remarkable duo. Claudia started showing Shamrock in the short stirrup division with numerous tricolors. Success continued in the two foot division last year, rounding out the last two shows with Championships. The pair looks forward to show season 2014!  Update: Claudia and Shamrock went out and nailed every jump first time out in the 2.6 with confidence.   They are working on stepping up and getting the strides correct in the lines.

Up For Discussion  “Jerry”

IMG_2534Jerry is a seasoned aged show horse leased for Logan Barber.   A very mellow, nothing bothers him kind of guy.  He shipped in to the farm and the next day marched over the bridge and hacked in the open fields like he lived here all his life.  Logan is enjoying being back in the tack (after a small break when our beloved Bismark retired) and is enjoying some shows this summer.

Toy Story “Smidget”

IMG_2690Smidget is owned by Niki’s mom, Pam Towner. Smidge was in the barn for a visit after a summer lease when Pam just fell in love with his character and adorable looks and had to have him for the barn. Smidget is suitable for the very beginner rider at home (he was leased to five and six year olds) and novice rider at shows. Smidget will start a consistent show career in 2014. He is available for lease in the barn, a partial lease will be considered for 2014, as he will be undergoing further training for the show ring.  Update: Smidge loves traveling to the shows, he is a natural show pony, a real ham!smidge show